For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, scriptures tells us this truth, and non of you can tell me you haven’t sinned because we are fallen, this earth is broken. But our God is perfect and has sent his son, we have a baggage that will drag us all to hell but we have a savior who says I will take that baggage and i will give you my righteousness and through him and this gift we can have our eternity in heaven! all we need to do is accept that Christ is the son of God and that he lived the perfect life, he died on the cross for our sins, and he rose again! he calls us to repentance and to follow him, so follow him and give up your past ways and live for God and not this world, it isn’t easy.. but it is so worth it! come into Gods kingdom and live your life for him, for my savior and the savior of the world!