I am always so upset when I hear the media or people in society, or even some christians talk about christianity, because they often seem to miss what it really means to be a Christian. The media often focuses on what we are against, and people on what is wrong with christians or the church, I am here to tell you what it truly means to be a Christian and how the media and even many Christians have gotten it all wrong.

So one of the big things talked about is Christianity, or the church’s views toward the LGBT community, Christians are often portrayed as bigoted, hateful, “bible banging” individuals who believe the LGBT community deserves no rights. I know many people who believe this, and i even know Christians who believe that this is what the majority of Christians believe. Another issue is women’s rights, many people believe christianity and Feminism do not line up. There are multiple social issues today that people assume they know what Christians think on the issue judge us for it.

What is the truth, where do Christians stand on these issue? well fair warning to anyone reading this, Christian or non Christian, this is going to get controversial and will make someone mad. I want to start by prefacing with the statement that not all proclaiming Christians are Christians, not all who know Christ or say they know christ actually follow him and his commandments. The bible even says that on the day of judgement not everyone who says Lord, Lord will enter into the kingdom of heaven. some who think they know the lord will hear the words depart form me I never knew you. So I believe you can not lump all Christians together, some focus to much on love and acceptance while others on condemnation. In truth Christians should and are called to love everyone, but not to accept them as they are but to encourage them towards Christ, for if we see a brother or sister in sin we have no authority to judge them, but given what we know and believe as christians would it be loving to not tell them of the saving work they can have in Jesus.

You see the bible says that the only way to heaven and to God is through Jesus and through excepting him as your savior, repenting of your sins and being baptized in his name. So as someone who believes that would it be loving for me to let others go on sinning and not tell them about the God who saved me? True Christianity does not hate the LGBT community, it loves them and calls them to repent of sins, all sins, just as it calls a alcoholic or a sex addict to repent. Now I am not comparing LGBT to alcoholism in any way, I am simply saying we all have temptations in our lives to go against scriptures teachings, and this is why many people say Christians hate LGBT, the bible teaches acting on LGBT feelings and desires is a sin. But we are all sinners, called to repentance for all our sin. Being Gay does not keep you from heaven, being lesbian doesn’t make you less deserving of Gods grace or love. There will be LGBT people in heaven, those who excepted Christ as their savior and seek him daily in there lives, seeking to know and be known by God. Christians just can not support Gay marriage because it encourages something the bible says is a sin, just as Christians can not support something like pornography. I love the LGBT community and I want to see them in heaven for all eternity, but according to my beliefs this means I must tell them the truth in love, and call them to celibacy. Walking with Jesus, being a Christian is not an easy call, and you will often fall short, (which is the beauty of grace) the bible says we will suffer for Christ, and that the world will hate us. I just know what I believe and that I want to see everyone saved no matter their sexual preferences.

To sum up quickly true Christianity is about tough love, it is about a savior who died for sinners to save them, it is about following him and his commandments and doing his will. The desire for a Christian is to Love God, to Know and be Known by God, and to draw others to Gods kingdom. I Love my LGBT neighbors and I want to help, I want to understand your struggle better and best know how to engage in conversation with you, but please know that I believe acting on your feelings is wrong based on my religious beliefs. I want an open dialogue where both sides see where the other is coming from and are loving to one another, but as always I want people to come to know the saving power of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.